Never Knows Best

from by O' God the White Whale



Can’t you remember running up the library steps with shorts on, vagrant cats fighting in the weeds? The sleepy August dawn? I used to see these colors on butterflies now I only see them on storefronts.

Why’d I open my eyes to see you leave when I could have kept them closed? Now every night, the girl that left walking away. She’s walking away.

The sun keeps getting dimmer, reflected in that low water. I’ve turned on the lamp again, hoping that you’ll see it but you’re never coming back. You’re never coming back.

I’ll climb these dying trees, noose around my neck and as the leaves fall, so do I.

She wrote it on her cigarette
(knows best.)
The night above the riverbed.
She told me she liked me.
(knows best.)
more than day old bread.
(I am)
She wrote it on her cigarette
The night that she finally left.
(I am)
She’s haunting my autumn.
I’m as good as dead.

I am nowhere.


from Never Knows Best, released June 29, 2012




O' God the White Whale Carrboro, North Carolina

Emotional hardcore from Carrboro, NC. Sad songs for cats and sometimes people.

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