Ends. Endings.

from by O' God the White Whale



Stagnant tides entreat the skies, an air too thin to breathe.

I want to have this moment again and I know I will but when?

As the trees turn to ash, the siren’s song beckons the end, beckons the end.
Scorched earth, desiccate sea.

My hopes fall, one by one.

And I saw the stars following the clouds.
Breaking through the grey, a call from the arcane bellows:

“Purge the final stone of breath.”
Monoliths crumble under the mist of death.
The flame which coils underneath,
a sight which eyes deceive.

Black dawn, sinking hearts.
Persistence breeds ignorance.

A supple branch, a timid root reveal the life coursing underneath.
And from the clouds overhead, vessels of immortality.
Illuminate the path, patterns found in between.
And as the sun sets, a wave of hope washes over me.

Thus the sun sets, staring at me.


from Never Knows Best, released June 29, 2012




O' God the White Whale Carrboro, North Carolina

Emotional hardcore from Carrboro, NC. Sad songs for cats and sometimes people.

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