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from by O' God the White Whale



The cry went out, “We’re crashing!” as your head went through the window and I’ll never know, I’m waiting by my phone. You knew there was ice on the roads. He had one more. You’re drinking in the backseat and the pilot’s had some shots.

Passed out on the overpass, I’ve been calling you for hours. Broken glass, broken bones.
Tonight will be the first and last time you ever see your insides. Broken glass, broken bones.

End your life.

Wrapped around machinery. Even if your car didn’t crash you’d have found some way to disappoint me. You’ve left me a broken hearted loser and I’m better off alone than I ever was with you.

You got your wish, you’ll be eighteen forever.

I wanna see you dead, cause I’ll never believe it.


from Never Knows Best, released June 29, 2012




O' God the White Whale Carrboro, North Carolina

Emotional hardcore from Carrboro, NC. Sad songs for cats and sometimes people.

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